Also known as Rooster Tales

Battle AchievementsEdit

Name Quest Reward
A Journey Begins Unlock Grand Chase Mission 100 Souls
First Blood Kill your first enemy 25 Souls
Stop Resisting Defeat 12 Police Constables 66 Souls
Beginner's Luck Defeat 10 enemies 20 Souls
Stick around Defeat 100 enemies 100 Souls
On the Juice Defeat 250 enemies 200 Souls
Destroyer Defeat 500 enemies 500 Souls
Public enemy Defeat 1k enemies 50k Souls
Killer Instinct Defeat 5 mini bosses 75 Souls
Law Executioner Defeat 10 mini bosses 125 Souls
Professional Rekter Defeat 25 mini bosses 500 Souls
Monster Hunter Defeat 50 mini bosses 4k Souls
Psychopath Defeat 75 mini bosses 500k Souls
Punisher Defeat 3 bosses 200 Souls
Giant Slayer Defeat 6 bosses 400 Souls
Take no Prisoners Defeat 15 bosses 3k Souls
Ruthless Chicken Defeat 30 bosses 15k Souls
Boss Exterminator Defeat 50 bosses 400k Souls
Bullshido Codex Defeat 10x Black Belts 111 Souls
Fabulous Defeat 33x Black Ties 177 Souls
Skipping the Leg Day Defeat 10x Internet Trolls 350 Souls
Catcalling Cheese Lover Collect 50x Cheese 1.5k Souls
Just a Flesh Wound Heal 10 times 200 Souls
Too Old For This Shit Heal 100 times 750 Souls
Pro Healer Heal 500 times 30k Souls
Savage Do critical hits 10 times 40 Souls
Total Savage Do critical hits 500 times 250 Souls
I Never Miss Do critical hits 1k times 650 Souls
Remember the First Rule Clear Fight Club 100 Souls
It's Just a Prank Bro Clear Grand Chase 200 Souls
Street Fighter Clear Street Riot 500 Souls
Fish Story Clear Octopussy Port 1k Souls
Tall Tale Clear Deep Below 2.5k Souls
Make Desert Great Again Clear Suicide Borderline 10k Souls
Good Old Memories Clear Mcallister Origins 20k Souls
No Prison Can Hold Me Clear Prison Break 50k Souls
All or Nothing Clear Royal Casino 250k Souls
Sky's the Limit Clear Above the Sky 1M Souls
Last Bachelor Party Clear Bachelor's Delight 300 Souls
Belly of the Beast Clear Jonah's Adventure 12k Souls
Out for a Kill Clear Attack of the Tomatoes 280k Souls
Back to Basics Clear Elite Fight Club 1M Souls
Healthy Body Reach 1000 HP 1k Souls
Iron Fists Reach 100 ATK 30k Souls
Strong Body Reach 50 DEF 30k Souls
Marked for Death Do critical hit 2k times 50k Souls
Out for Justice Do critical hit 4k times 950k Souls
Critical Thinking Do critical hit 10k times 2.5M Souls
Today You Die Defeat 2k enemies 300k Souls
Against the Dark Defeat 3k enemies 400k Souls
A Dangerous Chicken Defeat 4.5k enemies 500k Souls
Covered in Green Collect 25 Green Scales 5k Souls
Awkward Silence Collect 30 Tumbleweeds 20k Souls
Tomato Invasion Defeat 20 Killer Tomatoes 45k Souls
Crystal Collecter Collect 50 Small Crystals 99999 Souls
Gambler Collect 30 Poker Chips 150k Souls
The Force is Strong in This One Defeat 18 Force Troopers 250k Souls
Hard to Kill Heal 1k times 400k Souls
Urban Justice Defeat 100 mini bosses 500k Souls

Resources AchievementsEdit

Name Quest Reward
Swag Unlocked Unlock the Wardrobe Feature 50 Souls
Shadow Economy Unlock the Black Market Feature 75 Souls
Boss Hunter Unlock the Boss Raids Feature 500 Souls
Armed and Dangerous Equip your first weapon 25 Souls
Started From the Bottom Collect 500 souls 50 Souls
Soul Collector Collect 1k souls 150 Souls
Fat Pockets Collect 5k souls 500 Souls
Prosperous Collect 10k souls 1k Souls
Hustler Collect 50k souls 5k Souls
Wow! Collect 100k souls 10k Souls
Filthy Rich Collect 500k souls 50k Souls
Small Loan of Million Souls Collect 1M souls 100k Souls
Still Very Green Reach level 10 100 Souls
Chicken Legged Fighter Reach level 20 500 Souls
Adventure Hunter Reach level 30 1k Souls
Trouble Finder Reach level 40 2.5k Souls
Fearless Soldier Reach level 50 5k Souls
Belligerent Warrior Reach level 60 10k Souls
Warmachine Reach level 70 25k Souls
Ripped Ripper Reach level 80 60k Souls
Veteran Warlord Reach level 90 100k Souls
Commando Reach level 100 500k Souls
Doer Finish 10 Rooster Tales 25 Souls
Go-getter Finish 25 Rooster Tales 300 Souls
Achiever Finish 50 Rooster Tales 10k Souls
Bucket List Finish All Roster Tales 5M Souls
Casual Clicker Click 100 times 25 Souls
Combat Clicker Click 250 times 50 Souls
Carpal Tunnel Click 500 times 100 Souls
Auto Clicker Click 1k times 500 Souls
Addicted Clicker Click 5k times 10k Souls
Mad Clicker Click 10k times 100k Souls
Finger Master Click 20k times 500k Souls
Infinity Clicker Click 30k times 1M Souls
Fingerless Swordsman Click 40k times 3M Souls
Upgrade Complete Fully purchase all upgrades 1M Souls
Armed to the Teeth Fully purchase all combat upgrades 1M Souls
Wise Businessman Fully purchase all resource upgrades 1M Souls